EXPOSED: The Testosterone Booster MEGA-STACK “Hollywood” Is Using To Boost Testosterone By Over 800% In Just 4 Weeks…

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Article Summary:

  • The crackdown on steroids in the movies has caused actors to look for legal alternatives
  • The “Doctor to the Stars” cracked the code and discovered the best stack in Alpha XTRM &Testo Factor X
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In case you haven’t heard, the internet has been literally “BLOWING UP”, over this new so called Steroid Alternative…a safe and legal testosterone supplement stack that has taken Hollywood actors, and the country, by storm.

It all started a couple of months ago when the news broke that the Screen Actor’s Guild would begin random drug testing actors for performance enhancing drugs. If tested positive, an actor could be put on probation and not allowed to be in the movies. This is serious stuff, because everyone knows that a lot of actors take steroids to get in shape for their various roles.

The Greatest Discovery In Medicine Since Viagra…

“Two Testosterone Supplements, When Combined Together As A Stack, Increase Testosterone Over 800%”


After the news broke that they could no longer take steroids to get in shape for the movies, actors started to scramble, trying to find a legal alternative to steroids, in desperation they reached out to celebrity nutrition expert Dr. John Multz for help. With over 27 years of nutritional research experience, including being on the board of directors for the FDA, Dr. Multz was the guy for the job.

After spending almost 3 weeks in his lab in complete isolation, Dr. Multz came up with something amazing. He discovered that by combining two different testosterone pills together, each with their own different herbal compounds, each legal by themselves, he could mimic the anabolic response of actual steroids, boosting free testosterone levels by over 800%! The two products, too hardcore for retail stores, are hard to get, and are available online only.

The first product in the stack is Alpha XTRM,a hybrid testosterone amplifier & nitric oxide supplement (think of it like ROCKET FUEL for your test booster), and the second is Testo Factor X, the most hardcore Testosterone Booster we have ever seen.

Before Dr. Multz handed over his MEGA STACK to the actors, he decided to try it out on himself over 4 weeks, you wont believe his results:

the doctors testosterone supplements

Using the stack, Dr. Multz gained 23 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks, and knew he caught onto something amazing, so he let Hollywood in on his secret. The stack soon caught the attention of A-List actors, and pretty soon EVERYONE in Hollywood was taking it to get ripped up…

“EVERYONE” Is Taking The Test Booster MEGA-STACK:


What is Alpha XTRM?

Alpha XTRM bottle

Alpha XTRM is the first product of it’s kind, an EXTREME hardcore testosterone booster and Nitric Oxide testosterone amplifier in one, that is clinically proven to boost hormone production, increase lean muscle mass, increase workout intensity, and boost recovery. Sounds too good too be true right? WRONG, this product is backed by a solid guarantee that we have never seen. No wonder The Rock loves it.

Alpha XTRM Is Clinically Proven To:

  • Amplifies The Absorption & Uptake of Testo Factor X Ingredients By Over 374%

  • Patented Nitric Oxide Delivery System Increases Blood Flow To Muscles

  • Increase Metabolic Rate & Internal Body Temperature For Extreme Fat Loss

  • Rapid Muscle Cell Recovery System Through Red Blood Cell Oxidation

  • Increase Sex Drive & Energy Levels For Overall Better Sense of Well Being

What is Testo Factor X?

Testo Factor X

Testo Factor X is the most powerful testosterone supplement we here at Men’s Health have ever seen. This product is over 3 years in the making, Pharmaceutical Grade, tested and tweaked over 3,000 times, and is 18x stronger than any test booster you’ll find at GNC or any other retail outlet. In fact, this stuff is so strong, it’s been banned from those retail stores, and is available online only directly though their website, and NOWHERE ELSE. Remember, the only reason we are able to replicate the effects of steroids is by taking both Alpha XTRM & Testo Factor X together as a stack. With both products working synergistically together, hormone levels are boosted over 800%, for “Steroid Like” results!

Testo Factor X Is Clinically Proven To:

  • Boost Natural Free-Testosterone Levels Over 500%, Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Increase Muscle Mass By 36% In Just 4 Weeks (18-27 Pounds on Average)

  • Increase strength and speed through patented neurological compounds

  • Melt Body Fat Away by Increasing Metabolism & Body Temperature

  • Improve Sex Drive, Increase Energy, Better Sense of Well Being

Does This Stack Really Work? We Put It To The Test…

As part of this article, we decided to put one of our readers, Michael Jones from Brooklyn, New York, to the test. Michael was just your average 31 year old guy, struggling to get the results he wanted in the gym, even though he worked out 5 days a week with weights, and took popular supplements like Creatine, Protein, BCAA’s, and more.

Michael’s 5 Week Results:

michaels results after Testosterone Pills

“When I first started this stack I had low energy, depression, I had very little muscle, and I was very ashamed of my body. I never felt confident at the beach or anything, and couldn’t even imagine the idea of having a girlfriend…6 weeks later…EVERYTHING CHANGED.

“I started taking Alpha XTRM & Testo Factor X on a Monday. I took the pills, then went to workout. The guys at Mens Health paid for me to have a personal trainer during the 6 weeks, to make sure that I was doing workouts correctly and wasn’t failing in the gym.”

“After my 1st workout I could tell something was different. When my workout was done, I had this sense of euphoria, almost like a high. The next morning I woke up, and wasn’t sore at all, even though my trainer put me through a brutal workout.”

“After the first week of taking the testosterone pills I was up 6 pounds on the scale, and I had so much energy I didn’t need to take my afternoon nap anymore, and I was able to wake up at 7am wide awake.”

“About halfway through the second week my trainer asked me if I was taking steroids. I told him no and asked him why, and he said my workouts were so intense, and I had so much energy and stamina he thought I was on something”

“Fast forward to weeks 3-4 this is when things really got interesting. By this point things had really shifted, I was down to size 33 pants from 36, and was benching 280 from only 150 a few weeks prior. I also caught a few different girls at the gym staring at me while I flexed in front of the mirror”

“By week 5 things were really starting to take shape. I didn’t need my trainer anymore, in fact he wanted me to train him! I noticed my abs for the first time in my life, and looking at my body in the mirror seemed like a fantasy. This couldn’t be real”

“At end of week 6 I couldn’t believe my eyes. My body had completely transformed into what I had always dreamed of. This was by far the best experience of my life and I didn’t feel any side effects. I also met a super hot chick at the gym and we have been on 3 dates now and she spent the night last night and we didn’t sleep at all!!! Thanks guys, you’ve changed my life”


In conclusion, whether you want to look like a fitness model, or get jacked like the Rock, the truth is the same, you simply will not be able to get the results you want without taking a supplement that increases your hormone levels. The stack described in this article has been proven time and time again, and is so strong that it is facing an FDA ban next year. We strongly recommend you order the stack (It’s Free Anyways!) right now and get started by taking advantage of our special offer below:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Testosterone?

At this point, you might already be sold on the idea of why you need to supplement. If you are, feel free to skip this paragraph and head right down to the stack information below.

It is a hormone, and it is a controlling hormone in the male human body. It is responsible for metabolism, muscle growth, fat loss, sex drive, energy levels, and more. It is the “Life-Blood” of the male human body, and if levels fall below normal levels, very detrimental problems can begin to take shape….

For men that have these symptoms, or men that just want to increase their natural levels, hormone replacement is necessary through either Injections or by taking testosterone pills.

Whats The Difference Between Testosterone Pills (Boosters) vs Actual Injections

There is a lot of discussion about the difference between prescription grade replacement therapy, and taking test booster pills. Both have their place, and both work very well.

If you have insurance, and a doctor, you can have him test you for low levels. If your levels are low enough, he can prescribe you Test Enanthate, the most popular form of hormone replacement.

If your T levels are not low enough to qualify for Injection based therapy, or you are too young to qualify (typical Low-T patients are Over 40), then the other option is to purchase an over the counter product.

Test boosters differ from actual injections because they are not actual hormone. The boosters simply contain all natural and safe ingredients that tell your body to begin producing more Test. In fact, in some cases, test boosters can out perform Injection based therapy by over 300%!

How Do I Know If I Have Low-T?

Low T” an occur in men as young as 25 years old, and is almost certainly an ongoing battle with men over the age of 40. Signs of Low-T almost always start with Low Energy and lack of desire to get in shape or workout. Lack of motivation or an overall feeling of depression is also a sign. Lack of sleep, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association has proven to be a big contributing factor.

Other signs of Low-T can include high blood pressure, lack of sexual drive, muscle and/or strength decreases, impotency, depression, low energy, hair loss, acne, and more. If you feel that you might be suffering from low hormone levels, you can check with your doctor and he can do a blood test to see if your levels are lower than normal.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to low testosterone levels, especially if you are over 40. In addition, the The Journal of Endocrinology have discovered that low testosterone and diabetes are linked together. This means that if you are 30-40 or more pounds overweight this can greatly increase your risk of diabetes and low-t. Also, another study by the European Journal of Endocrinology has proven that weight loss can in fact boost testosterone levels.

In addition, if you go easy on sugar you can also prevent hypergonadism. Sugar is main culprit of low testosterone because when you eat sugar the excess is turned into fat and can cause diabetes. If you have diabetes your testosterone levels drop and you are left with all the signs. Another sign of low testosterone in men is nutrient deficiencies, especially zinc.

I Don’t Have Any Signs Of Low-T, I Just Want To Get Ripped Like The Rock. Can Testosterone Supplements Help?

Here is an interesting statistic for you; 93% of all men that take a supplement to increase their hormone levels are NOT taking the supplement because they have Low-T symptoms.

The #1 reason BY FAR that men are buying up these test boosters is because they want to get shredded and jacked, FAST.

The reason that supplements work so well for men of all ages is simple, Test is the controlling hormone in the male human body, and it is responsible for almost everything related to the things that matter to men; Muscle Mass, Strength, Sex Drive, Athletic Performance, and Physical Appearance.

I’ve Never Heard Of This so called Best Testosterone Booster stack, How Can I Trust It? Shouldn’t I Just Go Get A product From GNC?

Look, Just because something is popular doesn’t make it a good product. In fact, 99% of all products at GNC are not effective whatsoever. When a product arrives at GNC the main components that made the product effective have been removed and BANNED.

Let me explain to you the dirty little secret about how the mainstream supplement industry works…

It all starts with a strong compound, that is put into a product. The compound must be new, so it can be legal and not banned by the FDA. Little companies start up, and put together a super strong and effective product, and it starts selling like candy. Let’s take the ULTRA POPULAR Pre-Workout Jack3d, for example. When this product came out, the main reason this product was popular because it had a brand new but still not banned compound in it called 1 3 dimethylamylamine.

Jack3d was the first little company (USPLabs), to put 1 3 dimethylamylamine in their pre-workouts, and it worked like a charm. So good, that it instantly hit #1 on, and soon enough it was everywhere, even GNC.

And that’s when the real product dies, when it arrives at GNC. Once GNC has a product, and it is available mainstream, complaints start being filed to the FDA and FTC, and someone dies because they end up taking 5 scoops of the product and then run a marathon.

Summing the answer to this question up…If you want to make huge gains legally, you absolutely must stay on the leading edge of the supplement industry, not the mainstream side. The components in this extreme stack are not yet available in stores, for good reason. But eventually sometime soon the owners of this product will sell out, especially with the recent media and news coverage, and it will soon be everywhere, even GNC, and when it does, the main compounds will have been removed and you will be left taking a dead product that doesn’t work. Trust me on this one, get on this stack now, before its too late.